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Clide has completed the air conditioning installations in a winery in Zamora

Clide has been in charge of designing and executing the Project for the mechanical air conditioning installations for the Valbusenda Winery in Toro (Zamora). Designed by the Architect Mr. Leocadio Peláez Franco, the facilities were inaugurated in December 2008. CLIDE therefore had the challenge of carrying out the project meeting all the client's needs, and at the same time betting on efficient technologies to be competitive in the sector.

The winery consists of two floors: the ground floor has been reserved for carrying out the tasks typical of a winery, while from the upper floor visitors will be able to tour the facilities to learn about the wine-making process. The visits will not interfere with the work of the company's operators, so it can be visited at any time of the year, even during the harvest season. CLIDE therefore had to equip the wine production facilities with the latest equipment and control technology, both in the barrel room and in the production room, bottle room and expedition room.

The facilities have 430 French and American oak barrels, the maximum production capacity of the winery being 750,000 l. and store a maximum of 400,000 l.


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